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It’s been 6 months since The Craziness of the Heart Sutra and Tarot happened.

More than 100 people went for it. There’s nothing that pleases me greater than seeing how this powerful spell gets shared around.

Thank you all a ton for supporting the new series Beyond Cards and Magic that’s all about reading quirky texts against the grain though the lens of the Tarot cards.

When I first launched the lecture, I had in mind a greater frequency for such readings, all followed by a live Q&A session.

Well, you plan one thing, and another happens. Like, 6 months pass quietly, while you sit on all sorts.

As I was working on a lecture focusing on the Greek Magical Papyri, being convinced that this one was going to be next, I was concocting a plan to add to the lecture the description of one of my rituals in situ, or, on location.

But this plan involved waiting for my scrying assistant. You don’t want to enter any Solomonic magic circle without one such.

What do I do while waiting?

Record a whole series of short lectures, eight of them, transcribe them too, and then put them out there for everyone, all according to their tastes and excitements.

So, no Solomonic magic yet, but here’s a whole lot of other power.


If you get the lectures before April 14, you will have a chance to participate in the live Q&A session with me.

If you prefer to wait, you’ll still get a recording of this session along the 8 lectures, and, if you wish the pdf transcript or the paperback.

Stay tuned for more Beyond Cards and Magic.

Meanwhile, here’s the first lecture for all to enjoy!

Stay in the loop for cartomantic activities.


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    1. Hi, it’s not a browser thing. Check in with amazon in a day or two. I didn’t link directly because right now amazon hasn’t yet picked the publisher’s price, which is less than the other marketers’ out there. Thanks for your interested, and for following. Keep going. Camelia

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