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Last week I spoke against dullness in my newsletter. If you haven’t seen it, here is an annotated text.

I spoke about my decision to leave academic life because it shines no more. I’m starting my own school, Aradia Academy (in preparation).

Words of sheer support poured in. This moved me greatly.

What I didn’t say in my letter is that going against dullness is in fact an act of going against your own aggressions.

When so many congratulated me for my move, I felt that the reason for this relating is the fact that many experience becoming aggressive in a job that doesn’t honor their showing up for it, their dedication and resilience.

But how many say ‘no’ to the anger that turns into aggression when we fail to recognize what dullness does to us? My saying ‘no’ to an insulting institution inspired people. Now I want to see a wave of no’s happening to others.

The truth is that you can make your anger shine if you let your warrior’s blade create cracks into your dull world. That’s how the light comes in, as a few wise folks said. Not by bottling up aggression, becoming opaque in the process, but by letting your anger articulate a resounding and radiant ‘no’ on your behalf.

Now that my own gesture of going against dullness has been performed through the art of negating it, I’m going for full radiance.

My advanced class in reading with the Marseille cards is here. Come and shine with us in RADIANT READING.

People liked the preceding class, Cards and Magic. Listen to their voices: 

“Everybody, including the Devil, could sit and learn from Cards and Magic. Without exaggeration, this is by far the best course on the cards that I’ve seen in my life.” – Serge Pirotte

“This course rocked my divination world. I have been a diviner for over 20 years. The tools and confidence I gained from this opportunity will guide me into the next 20 and beyond.” – Emily Bolander

“The course was a great value all around. I imagine you must have a big crystal ball to see all of the students and our assorted demons we drag around. I look forward to taking more courses.” – Maryann Jordan

“Simplicity. Directness. No fuss/no muss. To the point. This course has been the most helpful for me in simplifying my readings.” – Ellen Worle

“This course was invaluable to me, I find it has been the best investment I have ever made. You are a wise teacher Camelia, and I treasure learning from you. This isn’t merely a course on reading the cards and magic, this is an approach to life, a philosophy.” – Natalia Forty

“I will praise you in this life and all those that will come. This course has come to me in that perfect moment and it has helped me grow as a human being. The love, the peace, the community you have gathered emanates, it’s beyond words. You made me never doubt myself again, you made me discover my power and embrace it. My entire life has changed as my entire life perspective has shifted. But this is what you do, you practice your magic and you change the world. Continue to be yourself, to do your magic and you will always gather people around you who will take it further. You’re the master of cards and magic!” – Andreea Rata

“I want to thank the Devil for appearing when you cut the deck one last time. That was a magical moment and all the endorsement you could ever need!” – Gayle Luster

“The Devil must be proud.” – Federico Andino

Hop on board, if your readings are already devilish.


Stay in the loop. Join The Art of Reading. Get a gift: Read Like the Devil: A Crash Course.


  1. passager9 says:

    Honouring the heart of our vocation when no-one else honours it in the workplace is the great challenge for all employed people. We are supremely fortunate to have that privilege which, though it carries kudos, may lack in generous renumeration. It is a bold step.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Yes. On the other hand, fear is a word in our heads. Nothing more. And words are fictitious, anchored in random, symbolic glyphs. Why believe in anything? Least of all in fear? That’s the million dollar question.

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