camelia elias, marseille tarot, solstice ritual

Yesterday I sent out my monthly missive, The Art of Reading, to the many magical souls who follow my work and my words.

In my monthly letters I give people a specific idea to think about, and a cartomatic practice or ritual work with.

As I got word that my suggested 3-card reading yesterday is very useful for the solstice ritual, I thought of sharing it here too, and thus extend my gratitude to all who follow Taroflexions. Thank you for finding my magic.

I call this layout: the good, the bad, and the mad.

Get your cards in position – all trumps – and ask them:

What is the good?

What is the bad?

What is the mad?

Let the mad be your savior.

Formulate a sentence in the form of a mantra. Write it on a piece of fancy paper in black ink. Wear it on you.

Here is an example:

camelia elias, marseille tarot, solstice ritual

The Good: Wheel of Fortune
The Bad: Devil
The Mad: Force

In other words, change is good, attachment is bad, and struggling is mad.

But, let’s see how we can turn this around, and formulate it as a mantra for the New Year:

Change beats clinging, and strength overcomes what is not my nature.

That’s it. Short and sharp, for the lovers of the art of reading.

I wish you a most wonderful end of the year, and a new year that’s full of happiness for all.


P.S. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, you are very welcome to try this at any time you think you need it.


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8 thoughts on “THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE MAD

      1. Iago Pereira says:

        And so I did it! Thank you Camelia. It proves to me that effort isn’t a necessary measure for success: such a simple spell and it made already such a drastic difference! Blessings to you and a happy new year!

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