camelia elias, marseille tarot, divination, art of reading

camelia elias, marseille tarot, vajrayogini, yoruba mask

I have a client whom I cherish a lot. Over the years our relationship can be described as based on pure trust (on her part) and pure unassuming (on my part). Or maybe just a little assuming. When this client goes: ‘I honestly have no idea what I’d do without you’, I often just say, ‘damn right, imagine the boredom.’

Now, however, as neither of these attitudes of being trustful and unassuming are commodities, what I love about my reading for this person is the fact that she allows me to embody what I also find the most valuable aspect in card reading: The delivery of a snappy message, telegraphic communication, and the cultivation of wisdom beyond words.

As some sages have it, the radiance of being – when it isn’t obscured by ignorance – manifests as language not light. When radiance manifests as language, it makes language more than just a tool for representation. It makes it a tool for mind-to-mind communication.

In simpler terms, when we radiate, we communicate in something other than clichés, rules and conventions, be they linguistic or otherwise.

My theory is that diviners intuitively know that radiance manifests not as light, but as an entirely useful kind of language, that is to say, the kind of language that’s not contaminated by bias and speech acts, spark and shine that goes nowhere. If your language radiates, you can be sure it goes beyond all conceptual frameworks.

Why is it important, to think of language as radiant, and hence beyond representation – however paradoxical that sounds? And what’s wrong with the language of representation? Isn’t it all we’ve got? What do we need that ugly word, ‘transcendence’, for?

Well, think of how Donald Trump has just won a whole presidency through speech acts that rest entirely on this suggestion: ‘I’m the greatest and you had better believed it’. This kind of language doesn’t radiate. It merely represents one person’s self-interest and agenda. It boosts itself up, pretending to radiate, but what exactly is so great in language as noise?

The radiance of being manifested as language, not light, operates with awareness of itself: As a counter to Trump’s speech, I can, for example, just use my index finger and point:  ‘The Emperor has no clothes on’, imitating the naturally wise child in H.C. Andersen’s fairytale, The Emperor’s New Clothes.


Back to my reading today and why I like my client. Because she allows me embody what I like to call a radiant reading.

This is the kind of reading that delivers the message in all its shine and glory, beyond all assumption, cliché, and second-guessing.

We are still with a representative system when we read the cards, just as we are still with the interpretative arts when we read the cards, but when our reading is radiant, we observe that representation becomes part of more than just aesthetics or politics of language. It becomes the thing itself.

My woman today wanted to know if dating a new person she has just encountered can lead to a long-term relationship.

Now, with the idea presented above, of a radiant reading, we could say that getting the World, the Magician, and Temperance is a good sign. But if you take radiance into account, then you discover that your BUT, after seeing the good cards, acquires a particularly strong flavor, getting your language to reflect even beyond vibration.

camelia elias, marseille tarot, divination, art of reading

I just said this to the woman:

There’s interest on his part. He looks at you and likes what he sees. But, but, but.

Temperance warns that there’s some unfinished business.

The Magician’s hand, held up like it is, is a gesture of, ‘now, hold it a minute, I suppose I can give you what you want – the half penis between my fingers – but I have to fix something first.’

So there’s just that play, that hesitance – now you see it now you don’t of ‘I can’t give you that satisfaction’ – that leads to anything but a long-term relationship.

Temperance being a fixer of things, not a driving force, suggests that we are thus with an unambiguously negative answer, in spite of promises of an ideal match, perfectly tempered, and in accordance to the looking glass.

Yes, the looking glass, suggested in the World card . . .  that’s the one we need to get beyond, if we want our readings to radiate concrete language than intangible light.

There’s an advanced module that opens in late spring, Radiant Reading, that builds on the Marseille Tarot Foundation Course. Check it out.

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