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Cards and Magic 2.0 | Read like the Devil closes for registration tomorrow.

There is a powerful group that has formed again, and this pleases me a great deal for various reasons:

The first is tied to knowledge; what I know and how I share it. The second is tied to value and the way I appreciate this knowledge.

While reflecting on knowledge and value I am also thinking of the ones sitting on the fence, staring at the sales page of Cards and Magic, saying: ‘I resist this temptation’.

Resisting temptation can be a very wise act, if resistance is tied to something other than emotional content or the fear of being seduced for seduction sake.

Resisting temptation ‘just because’ is not a good enough reason, when the tempting act has actual value in it.

In my own clarity and wisdom, I aim to make a difference between the various types of resistance.

I check with myself to make sure that there’s no demon of limitation that keeps me away from acquiring more knowledge – which in my case has become a regular obsession I am aware of and tend to.

But here’s what else I have come to value in my own claims to read like the Devil: clarity and coherence.

If the Devil seduces, he seduces with clarity, aka knowledge. That seduction is more than good enough for me. I succumb to it grand style. I welcome it every time I see it.

I then tempt the Devil myself: ‘But can you make it coherent?’ The way the Devil shows me coherence is another story for another time, but one thing is sure: the knowledge process continues.

I have also noticed that in my eagerness after clarity, I tend to engage in conscious acts that manifest it. I also check with my unconscious, sending subtle messages to it, and say to it: ‘Get clarity now.’

It works. Clarity is what makes me a good fortuneteller. Clarity, coherence, and detachment from all fear.

When the Devil seduces you, what value do you go for?

If you want to learn more about the value of seduction that teaches the power of clear vision, join Cards and Magic 2.0. I will not offer this course again.



cards and magic, camelia elias

P.S. What I like about launching new classes is the fact that they make me reflect further on my way of teaching and the magic that goes into it. Yesterday I wrote a post, At the Fortunteller’s about how you alway get more than you bargain for when you see a diviner. Check it out on Spells.


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  1. Will you offer different classes? I am in a financial conflict at the moment…it will be fixed within a month or 2 and I had hoped this class would be in the same timeline but it didn’t work out.

    1. Thank you for your interest. There will be other classes. One for advanced readers, and then other stuff I’m concocting as my time allows for it. Cheers, and good luck with your financial situation.

  2. As I have said, if the timing were different I would take this course. While a fb way of participating is offered I feel the “real magic” is in taking the class live and the time frame unfortunately is when I work. Sorry as I am to miss this class and understand it won’t be coming around again ( and I am so sorry trust me) I can’t take this without the full magic so to speak.

    Everyone taking this enjoy it for me please the poor guy who works weekends!

    1. Well, what is ‘live magic’? If you ask a nondualist like me who has been practicing the art of nothingness for the past 35 years, then you would not be concerned with mirrors and reflections. Cheers. I will remember to think of you. Thanks again for your enthusiasm.

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