camelia elias, playing cards, buddha, golden light sutra, tibetan buddhism

It’s not everyday that I get to see a neat and symmetrical division of cards between Hearts and Spades in a reading with a full deck. But today I did. 5 Hearts to the left, 4 Spades to the right in a square of 9.

I’m not at liberty to disclose the full context for this reading, but I can say this: The reading involves a disrobed Tibetan Buddhist Lama whose specialization is working with possession, that is, spirit possession.

In the more secular understanding of possession, let’s just say that we can define possession as attachment to all forms of nasty manifestations that contribute to losing power: alcoholism, gossip, ‘you can’t have MY children if you divorce me’, anxiety about losing your jobs, fear of inadequacy, addiction to fame and glory, and so on. The list is rather too long and tedious to compile and go through. You get the picture.

Without offering a reading of these cards per se, I can offer this observation: If you pay attention to the way in which the cards arrange themselves on the tangible table and around the intangible topic, you can see how the pattern of the cards either embraces or repels. Here the C pattern that the Hearts form circumscribes a cut off T pattern that the Spades form. There’s a deep meaning in that.

What is this Lama to do? Return to monastic life. The demons you work with can turn into your own demons if you don’t pay attention, if you lose your peace of mind.

The only good news in this spread here is actually the news about this very journey of return. Classically, the presence of 2 tens in a square of 9 spell out travel. The final line we read here is the diagonal line that cuts across the tableau from the 10 of Spades to the 10 of Hearts.

Quite literally, the red robe exchanged for the black robe was a bad idea. But a return is possible.

Marvelous cards. Miracle costumes.

camelia elias, playing cards, buddha, golden light sutra, tibetan buddhism

For a sense of the method, see an example of a full reading of a 9-card. For other 9-card examples, including Lenormand, check out the tag, square of 9.

All images are mine, featuring Dondorff playing cards and Tibetan sutra in my collection of sacred arts.

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