Last night’s dream:

I go to see a student production of a musical, something I never do. While I like students, I abhor musicals. So, quite horrible. When the performance is over, one of the student directors comes up to me and asks: ‘Are you the queen?’ I give him a squinting look, while adamantly saying, though with a slightly raised tone at the end of the short negative, ‘NoooO.’ He insists. ‘You ARE the Queen,’ and then continued: ‘Here’s what we need. We need very loud screaming and very bold statements’. He then pushes me into some costume closet.

While wondering what the hell is happening, my partner Bent also gets pushed into the closet. I say, ‘whoa, did they pick you too?’ ‘Yes’, he said. Then I look at his appearance. He is much slimmer, and his hair is much longer. More volume too. I’m about to make a remark about that, when the student director comes in and gives Bent a magazine in book form. ‘Here are your lines,’ he said to him. Bent takes it and leafs through it, reading the text. ‘Not that one, silly’, the student goes. ‘Can’t you see that there’s en embedded video on this page?’ – he points to the page, and I lean over it bemused.

I let out a small scream: ‘Whoa, the internet is now out in paperback, how cool is that?’ The student gives me the evil look, and I quickly say: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll give you a big scream, and when I do, you had better be ready. The Armageddon is gonna get you. You picked the wrong queen.’

I get up and have coffee. I envelop myself in this dream, the smell of dark fresh roast, and the genius of friends, whom I start thinking about. Friends into masks, performance, the theater of life, and cards.

Last week’s real dream:

Share FileLast week I’ve visited my favorite friends: collector of cards, generous cartomantic benefactor K. Frank Jensen, and his magical wife Witta, who knows everything about art and plants.

Frank made 3 sets of hand cut cards, based on the idea of taking close-up details from the Waite-Smith Tarot and bring them into focus. He calls them Pamela’s Portraits. There are 22 of them, one for each of the Major Arcana cards. He first presented these portraits in 1992 at the Copenhagen Art Fair, and since then he has had them produced in various forms, as limited editions of stamps, postcards, screensavers, boxes, and magic cubes. A very original idea, indeed.

Since the idea with these portraits is to honor Pamela Colman’s Smith’s work, and her flexibility in letting herself be inspired by her friends at the theater – as Frank points out, all the faces on her tarot belong to actual people she knew – I thought it appropriate to do a 3-card reading about my dream. The challenge was to figure out what cards I got, since it’s not an immediate given. I had to go back to studying the cards, as I only had one pinned down. As Frank also explained, this is not easy at all, as some of the faces are thoroughly distorted. On to the guess work…




But first here is my question:

Why do I need to be in a musical performance? (I’m still shuddering at the idea). What power is there in my resistance that I haven’t been considering?

The cards, take a guess.


If I just read the images before I associate them with Pamela’s details, here’s what I see:

I don’t want to see what is not clearly transmitted. My eyes are closed to the stage, where faces are more effaced than what they bring forth. But in this performance of effacing the true nature of things, the obvious can emerge unhindered by what veil surrounds it. Perhaps the obvious has the face of compassion. While I may say, ‘this is painful to look at, painful to watch’, I can also remind myself of how all our thoughts, including the pain we feel are just thoughts, not reality. Truth is in the performance of living life without judgment.

The ‘key’

Now, here’s the key to the portraits. Let’s see how the reading changes with the identification of cards. [Note: As soon as wrote this post, Frank disclosed what the last two cards were, different than my identification, or rather Bent’s, as he suggested the associations. See the comment below from Frank, and my response. All fun.]


We got the Moon’s face, the Sun’s face, and the Charioteer’s face – I thought. As it turned out, I only got the Moon right. Be that as it may. My reading was a follows:

The dream is in my cards. Nighttime brings about the manifestation of fascinating scenarios. In the moonlight we get to do things we can’t even dream about, quite literally. The Sun brings clarity to the dream. It’s all about charging forth. Keep going, this one says. Don’t judge. Try this horrendous musical stuff, and find out how far your screaming and bold statements can take you. Keep going. The glorious luminaries are backing you up.

Thank you Frank and Witta, for the gift of originality, creativity, and generosity.


If you’re interested in a similar deck, contact K. Frank Jensen. You may be one of the lucky ones. As mine was a gift, I don’t have a price for you. But ask Frank.


For more of this and other cartomantic activities, join my free newsletter. All cool stuff.


  1. K.Frank Jensen says:

    Hi Camelia, I’m afraid you have to reconsider your 3-card spread using ‘Pam’s Portraits 2016’ once more. The three cards in the spread are left to right based on: THE MOON, THE HANGED MAN and THE EMPRESS


    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Damn. Thanks. My guess was wrong. Or, actually, to be honest, Bent did the actual identification of the last two cards. I identified the Moon immediately. Such fun. It goes to show. The series is challenging. On the other hand, I like what I see. I see how the Hanged Man idea goes in fact with my first, intuitive reading of the card in the middle. It makes more sense. And then the Empress with her compassion. That one also makes sense. Hmm, maybe I’m some sort of a psychic, after all. And then I also like the idea that we can read anything, as long as we are given a word, a thought, an image. We create the meaning.

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