David Bowie joined the stars on the new moon.

Good timing.

I’ve joined the choir of mourners myself today, and asked the cards:

Where did David go? Did he manage to go to the Stars?

Three cards fell on the table:

The Fool, The Hanged Man, The Stars


Now, it’s not really fair that I’ve entitled this post, Three Things About David Bowie, when all I want to talk about is actually me. And why I became a fortuneteller. Because of this. I mean, really. I ask a question: ‘Any stars involved here?’, and the cards go: ‘The stars are all over the place.’

This happens all the time, but every time it happens, it’s like the first time. The excitement is so high that I really never want to trade this with anything else.

Some ask me on occasion: ‘How do you reconcile the academic world with the woo-woo world?’ and I always say: ‘I don’t.’

If you must know I find the woo-woo world a lot more honest than the other world I happen to function within – at least for a while longer, until my own stars will guide me to some other place.

But here’s the thing about David Bowie – and no, I can’t claim I’m a fan, as I haven’t been following his music – I’m Bach girl – so take this with a protective pinch of salt.

1 David was a Fool.

The Jester, wearing two colors, and some bells in his hat. He spoke the truth. The world at large hates the truth. David spoke the truth, so he was a Fool by definition.

2 David did things in his own way.

Always hanging there between the worlds. But not just hanging. He was hanging upside down. His head in a hole. What he saw was not the same as what everybody else saw.

3 David liked the Stars.

Being a man or a woman – he didn’t care much what – he stripped and undressed all the time to feel the power from the many suns in the sky and how they energized him. He was not into sleeping. He hated that. Who can blame him? Try closing your eyes and go to sleep. You’ll be missing out on a lot of star power, and star movement right under your eyes.


Thank you, David, for making my cards speak star language. It’s awesome beyond the universe. Cast some of that light down on us, and let us shine.



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  1. I'm both a Bach guy and a Bowie.


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