For the readers of Taroflexions it will not come as a surprise when I say that Giordano Bruno did it again. On repeated occasions I have stated my love of the venerable Italian monks, also known as the Neoplatonists, but Giordano Bruno in particular has been my tutelary ghost companion for a number of years. Some 20 years, or more, actually.

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So how does this companionship manifest? For the most part it manifests in the following way. Call it a poetics of space. What I call ‘Giordano mojo stuff’, in the form of words in books, pamphlets, film, and stars, peppers my apartment. Giordano is in every room I have, including the bathroom. Actually, the bathroom is filled with his spirit. So what do I do with all this ‘Giordano mojo stuff’? I use it as one does a palace of memory.

For once, Giordano reminds me that for all the lessons of the Russian formalists – what with their insistence on always laying bare the techniques for your texts, aka how you live your life the poetic way manifested in binary forms because that’s what we humans understand – the idea is not to merely get caught in oppositions, such as the contrast between good and evil, black and white, or man and woman, but rather to simply get above all of it.

Contrasts are easy to handle, and they enhance the communication process between us, but when all comes down to it, what you want is something that tickles your love of what exceeds the relational bonds, the circularity of ‘you and me’ playing ping-pong.

Second, my ‘Giordano mojo stuff’ reminds me of what it means to be the Magister Ludi, the master of the game, yet without any desire attached to the ambition to be one. So the point is how to master something beyond becoming obsessed with the idea of mastering something. A neat paradox.


As I have repeatedly stated, lately also very adamantly in my Oracle book, a good magician is the magician that’s beyond bonds of any kind. In other words, what magic is all about is how to be passionate about being impassionate about your magical workings. The idea is to do the work without getting involved or entangled in its details. Why, well, simply because, as they say, since the Devil is in the details, you don’t want to find yourself worshipping at the Devil’s feet. What you want is to do the work – with the Devil’s help if need be – and get out of there. You get too involved, too mental, or too emotional about it, you lose power.

I have to say that I find my friendship with dead Giordano very lively, and I get a lot out of evoking his spirit. On occasion he’s welcome to possess me too, so all is cool between us.

Let me give an example of why I think it’s useful to have a dead magician as your friend – though he will have to want to be your friend too, as you’re not alone in deciding this all on your own.


This morning in the bathroom I did what I usually do: I divined with Giordano in the form of bibliomancy. I asked a question and I grabbed the ‘Giordono mojo stuff’ immediately available to me. Since I already know how to tap into the magical flow, that is, the stuff that exceeds the circular relational aspect of all things in contrast, I simply asked: How can I stay there, in the constancy of magic, in the infinite linearity of flow? The reason for this question is part of my practice of realigning my focus when I have too many things to do on a Saturday.

I asked the book to open on page 162 and give me an answer in line 3 – I’m a little obsessed with mathematics, so I often concoct some numerical value for my divination.

Here’s how Giordano answered my question –

How can I stay in the magical flow?

– loud and clear:

As does a girl who is steady and not silly.



My man Giordano is ever so so clear. That’s why I like him. That’s why I work with him, and that’s why I venerate his spirit. What he says here is that all I need to remember is my resilience. Be dead serious about my play. Implicitly he also tells me to remember what he has taught me by his own example. So be it. Steady it is, not silly.

Usually I end a séance with Giordano by blowing kisses to him. Before this I ask him: How do you want me to kiss you, Giordano? How hard, how soft, how sensual?

The cards help me out:

Judgment – Loud and clear – The Lovers – Just choose me – The Magician – Magister Ludi yourself!


Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Enjoy your dead magicians. It’s mighty magical working with them.


Note on the deck:

Carolus Zoya Marseille Tarot, ca. 1780 (facsimile after the original in K. Frank Jensen collection / with kind permission)


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