As I was writing the webpage for the final description for my upcoming online class in Cards and Magic – [update: registration now open until December 8] – I was thinking about what I promise and the extent to which I will also deliver precisely what I promise. I have a Saturnian bent in this sense, which keeps me away from talking nonsense.

But as I am excited about doing this, running an online class in Cards and Magic, I couldn’t help thinking about what attracts us to acquiring eloquence and excellence in reading. I know that while I was learning the art of reading cards, my ambition was all about that: To read the cards like the Devil. But what do we understand by that? Well, this is exactly what I intend to explore in my class.


Meanwhile, here’s a thought that befell me on the spot, while making promises, followed by a piece of magic. This is what I said on the course page: ‘We will read the cards against the grain of ‘as above, so below’ in order to get a sense of connection, and thus get beyond this dualism. The magic of connection is that it includes all systems of correspondences. The Devil reads the cards in a non-dualist way, yet he uses language and its binary codes to get there.’

As soon as I have finished this thought, PayPal informed me that the first student has registered for the class. ‘What?’ I asked myself. I haven’t even opened for registration. I’ve only published the course page with the registration info for something like 5 minutes, as I needed to test the registration buttons and other such formal etiquette on the website.

I have decided that, indeed, the Devil had a finger in it, and that I must simply run with what I promise, for it may well be that I will be helped with the delivery of what I promise by all sorts – hmm, now that I think of it, I wonder what the Devil thinks of me calling him ‘all sorts’. Be that as it may, let the Cards and Magic Online Course happen, as it looks like it really wants to happen. Almost all by itself.


Check out the course, and stay tuned for the launch on December 1. The registration will stay open for just one week, closing on December 8, at midnight GMT. Enrollment will be limited.

I will put a call here as well on December 1, so the interested readers won’t miss it. All the other readers, please bear with me on this type of writing.



Meanwhile, there is still the possibility to let me know about your biggest challenge in reading the cards, and thus help me make the correct assumptions about the participants, by answering a few questions in this Survey. That is, if you’re interested.


While you’re waiting for the excitement to culminate, you may have a look at my latest post, just out on Patheos, on how to discover your character under dire duress, or read my latest released to the public Newsletter.

Folks wanted to know, ‘what’s in these newsletters that we don’t already get here on Taroflexions?’ I just said: ‘Ideas and stuff.’

But you may want to just sign up for the monthly newsletter as this is the place where I will first make the announcements as to what I’m up to.

Enjoy, and join me soon in the epic ride with the Devil – or some such.

Published by Camelia Elias

Read like the Devil | Martial Arts Cartomancy | Zen


  1. Camelia, I’m considering joining this class but I would like your thoughts first. I live in Connecticut, United States, and the timing of the class here will be every other Wednesday at 3 pm. For most of the year I work on a vegetable farm on Wednesdays from 9 to 5, and it’s hard to ditch work early. I’ll most likely be able to make the first 3 classes fine, but by the time March hits we’ll be full on (my superlatively excellent farmers love to start their season early and end it late; there is barely a break). I know that you’ll have a way to check out the classes missed but I don’t know if it will be worth it. What do you think?

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your interest in this class. The class will start in January 23, not December, so it will be on every other Saturday. And yes, there will be recordings of all the classes, in case others can’t make it. I hope the Saturday works better for you.

      1. Oh! Cool. I thought it started on January 28th. I have Saturdays free until the outdoor farmers’ markets start in May. Sweet! Thanks.

      2. Lol, Amy. The 28th is a Thursday. But good to know you’re free. People should have fun in their weekends, like taking a cartomancy class… BTW. Registration will open in ca. 2 hours. Dec. 1, my time is in 2 hours. So, stay tuned.

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