Shadow, darkness, pointy hats, trick or treat, shadow, soul, surrender, black hats, shadow, candles, more candles, dogs, in and out, as within so without. And a costume. M A G I C.


Earlier today I’ve offered a little piece of magic to some folks doing intense shadow work. Grand scale, as anything less won’t cut it. I offered a reflection on how one can make it easy on oneself, how one can sincerely kiss the shadow, embrace it, and allow it to perform the great job it does when it creates impossible situations, when it dramatizes the projections of self-pity and self-sacrifice into the world, when it sends us to hell.

So I said:

For my part, I just say ‘Yes’ – and mean it – to the idea (or fact) that everything is always already as it should be.

It’s a tall order to wrap our heads around this nondualist notion, because the ‘everything is as it should be’ bypasses structural thinking, and we think and speak in structures.

But here, in the ‘everything is as it should be’ we are with the simple, with ‘the thing itself’.

I recited this mantra while walking the dog:

‘Yes. Simply yes, to a helping hand from the universe.’

Just that. The second I finished the thought, the dog picked up a lost glove. Just in case I was beginning to doubt myself, there was a hand. Obviously someone had to lose that glove in order for me to consolidate the ‘simple’. All is fair.

Magic works because it’s simple. It is so simple that it fools us. We think we need to make it more complicated through rituals, and re-settings of our minds, but, and get this:

The purpose of ritual is not to help magic be accomplished, but to help us get past our incredulity.

In and of itself magic is simple. That’s the secret to magic. That’s the magic in magic.

Enjoy your Halloween, and the smell of souls. Don’t forget to go naked, soul naked, under your costumes. And if you should run out of inspiration, or have a cold, like me, then sit by your computer, light some candles, and imagine you’re a character in Stanley Kubrik’s Barry Lyndon while you’re using Webcam to shoot a film of yourself for all posterity to marvel at. Future generations of nondualists will recognize you. They will take their pointy hats off, and say to the general public, ‘now, there is one who is not waiting,’ or more precisely yet, ‘there is one who is waiting in eternity’.


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6 thoughts on “SHADOW TREAT

  1. Rose M says:

    Saying yes to the universe…a mystery and a practice to live out. I think I shall say to your course…ground and foot meeting each other as if for the first time…the path unfolding the self.

  2. mopfeil says:

    Oh my, dear Camelia. Driving the nail through the shadow of my head here. One sentence catches me absolutely: The purpose of ritual is not to help magic be accomplished, but to help us get past our incredulity. Just coming back from my Samhain ritual with fellow OBODies and (for the first time) the full family, we have enjoyed the ritual, inviting the Cailleach into the circle, having my oldest (7) speak the question and answer with the ancient and the offerings made. Then we had to almost declare ourselves unfit to drive back home as the full force of the ritual hit us. The function of ritual (especially the shadowy ones) is to get the work done before the ego realizes it has been had. Ido look forward to your class on magic with the cards. I have been out collecting dew in the cemetary some 30 years back. Lets go again. With cards!

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Very cool, Markus. How fortunate to have experienced the full force of the ritual. I wish I had been there, though I had my own good time with a few shadows over here. Work has been accomplished in many ways, and much of it went into service. About the course. It’s cooking in my head. I’ll let everyone know when I’m ready. Soon, I hope.

  3. Camelia Elias says:


    Some rather cool comments came in on my Facebook wall. I’ll post here, as is, with my reply as well, as it might interest others. The first idea came from a dear friend, a professor of politics, the second is a reply to someone who was present in the group I first made the remark about the simplicity of magic when seen from the perspective of nondual philosophy:

    Dovile Budryte: I would really like to press “like,” but I do not believe that everything is as it should be. Although I wish I did, but I do not. I guess that there is no hope for me to join the happy nondualists. Oh well. On the other hand, what a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing short essay. Made my Halloween!
    Like · Reply · 40 mins
    Camelia Elias

    Camelia Elias: Heh, Dovile. Here is a piece of wisdom. All language operates with dual relationships, and we use dualism very powerfully. Ask Lacan. But when all is said and done, Reality is not dual. Whatever I may perceive in language, and language also dictates my desires, is NOT Reality. This is a physical fact. So, when we just ARE, rather than think in dualist terms about consciousness and existence, we experience being in the flow. It is really so simple that it makes you cry. I’m glad this made your Halloween, in spite of not believing. But nondualism is not subject to beliefs. And that’s the greatest thing about it.
    Like · Reply ·

    Lina Boldt: The spoken/ written word/ thoughts are all products of the mind. “But when all is said and done, Reality is not dual.” It’s really that simple, yes.

    Camelia Elias: Indeed, Lina. We need language to communicate and act in the world, but from the perspective of existence, we just ARE. Existence itself doesn’t care about what we think, or make of it. It doesn’t care about what we think are our fears or desires – and as language has proven, these fears and desires are not even ours, they are completely constituted by language. So we have a choice: to be eloquent and resist, or to be eloquently in the flow.

    Lina Boldt: I’m experiencing this so intensely currently, I don’t even feel like writing much. The spaces between words/ thoughts are more important. I’m tired of wording everything. Feels like white noise. Everything dissolves in the moment. Stripped down to the very essence of being.
    Like · Reply · 7 mins
    Camelia Elias

    Camelia Elias: You must see the words come to you as part of the flow. Being in the flow doesn’t mean stop doing things or stop acting. But just as you direct your attention to how you go and ARE, you can pay attention to how you can write with your body. That should inspire you to think of the dissolve in ways which are aligned with acts of production. Although using the word ‘thinking’ here might seem contradictory to the state of flow, it helps us let go of ‘let go.’ You make an effort not to make an effort in order to realize that it’s not through your effort that the effort has been successful. The paradox gets you through, not the solution.

    Lina Boldt: I don’t stop doing or acting, there’s no effort in it. I’m immersed in the paradox^^
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
    Camelia Elias

    Camelia Elias: Great. That’s it then.

  4. grackleandsun says:

    Such a good conversation, and a great reminder to stop, look around, and say, “Yes. This. Now.”
    I think the difficulty for me in agreeing with “everything is as it should be” is the word “should”. That goes down a road of implication that I don’t think is helpful–paths predestined, hand of fate, will of gods, etc. “Should” implies a judgement. It’s like that sticky saying, “Everything happens for a reason”, which I think is a great power-thief. I prefer instead to say, “Everything happens. Everything is.” I will find my own reason and accept what is from my own center. The flip side of all this, of course, is resistance–which is a great teacher in its own right. So there I am, hung up on language. 😉 Back to the Flow and surfing the Universal wave.

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