Gearing up to the full blood moon eclipse rite that I’m preparing right now, I’m inspired by a reading that I’ve performed in the woods today to offer something special here.

There is a certain urgency linked to the experience of fine astronomical events, and people find it appropriate to ask an immediate question of big proportions. There is something fascinating in knowing that the next full blood moon of this kind will be in 2033, so we tend to grow philosophical in a pragmatic way. We want answers to the big questions.


Yet the big questions, the questions pertaining to identity, or someone’s path in life, are often the manifestation of people’s inability of focus.

‘Why can’t I focus?’ people often ask, and this is a very good question.

Not being able to focus may well be linked to people doing all sorts that neither interests them, nor is the manifestation of what they are really good at. Invested effort in what you’re not good at, or energy in what doesn’t interest you is bad news, as the result is waste. Waste of time and waste of money.

While roaming in the woods today, and fortunately for me doing what I’m good at and what interests me, I’ve offered this answer to a question:

What am I?

You are the sorcerer’s apprentice, I said.

camelia elias, marseille tarot, one liners

I went home and thought about all those who struggle with focus in their lives, and with wasting time.

I made a special ritual for 7 magical folks, who are the sorcerer’s apprentices, and who need a sharp focus. I leave it up to your own fantasy to figure out what that means.

Each magical reading is priced at 100$ in my Taroflexions Store.


You ask a question.

The cards answer it.

During the full moon eclipse I will perform a rite whose aim is to enhance your focus. That’s it.

The premise for this working is the following: If you know what to focus on and how to focus on it, chances are that you will be doing more than just aiming at the target. You will be hitting it with the force of the full blood moon in Aries, eclipsing the impossible in your life.

Good luck in the race.


This offer closes in 3 hours, at 2 AM Copenhagen time, September 28, 2015


At checkout, use the box, Instruction to Seller, for your question.

You will receive your magical reading tomorrow night, September 28, in the form of a pdf file containing a picture of your cards and an impression of the magic that went particularly into your reading.


All the 7 readings are gone. Done. Performed under the most magical moon. So gratifying to know that people in the world want to be the apprentices of something other than mainstream culture and its discontents. THANK YOU ALL.


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