I had some business at my alma mater in Aalborg this week, and since my sister still has a few vacation days left, I insisted that she came along. This was a good thing, as it turned out that she managed to inspire me on at least two counts that have now been made public.

My sister and card reader extraordinaire, Manna.

The first is my new post on Patheos today concerning the circumstance surrounding my mother’s death. A psychopomp story made it into a column post on The Cartomancer, along a strange personality test.

The second inspiring incident has to do with some new ideas I’ve been developing. In my newsletter sent out to subscribers last night I mentioned my desire these days to test putting more systematic value on what I’m really good at outside of mainstream societal consecrations of all sorts. Call it getting a sense of the art of measuring what to give and how to give it.

From a card reading using the beautiful Emily Dickinson Tarot connected with a reading of a statement about generosity that philosopher Simone Weil once made, I went on to offering an 11-day track of prompters based on cards, whose aim is to uncover our blind spots and fix them.

Emily Dickinson Tarot
Emily Dickinson Tarot

Today I’ve sent out the first cartomantic prompt to the people who have signed up for it immediately. It’s exciting to have others work with you in this way, and so far I’m very pleased with the prompt and glorious feedback that I’ve received.

Without disclosing what I did for others on a private basis, there was a remark, however, that my sister made connected to one of the cards, the High Priestess, which I think others here might benefit from.

Cards: Marseille Tarot reconstructed by Wilfried Houdoin (Photo: Camelia Elias)
Cards: Marseille Tarot reconstructed by Wilfried Houdoin (Photo: Camelia Elias)

As we were looking at symmetry, following particularly the movement of pair elements from one card to another – two cups, two horses, two flowers, etc. – she exclaimed when I suggested that in the Popesse card what we’re dealing with is a moment of singularity. ‘That is not so,’ she said. ‘This card rhymes perfectly with the other cards where the pairs are concerned. In this card we have a pair of pages. We may think that there’s only one book here being held in the hands of one person, but the truth is that the book is open and there are clearly two pages that one can look at simultaneously.’

It goes to show. It can pay off to have your family around you, when you devise new projects or look at the cards.

For more of this, check out the column post featuring the fun personality test at Patheos and consider getting prompted.

There is also the said newsletter coming out once a month, featuring an idea to think about, plus new cool offers that inspire.

All for the benefit of living the magical life.

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