2 thoughts on “BAD STUFF

  1. . says:

    Not meaning to be annoying but just out of curiosity what do you refer yourself as?

    Witch, cunning woman, sage, mage, magician, card reader, wise woman, etc? Or do you find labels irrelevant and and constricting?

    I can see your point with buzz titles like intuitive reader or tarot coach but couldn’t these titles also give a querent an idea of what area this reader focuses on rather than being seen as a way to defend the reader?

    A tarot coach could take on a role much like a career or life coach. Analyzing the querent’s life and using the cards as an outlet for a solution rather than using esoteric language and promoting spiritual growth that an intuitive reader might imply.

    To me these ways of ‘defending’ are more ways of telling of one’s method or approach to the cards. For instance you follow the cunning folk tradition, you first and foremost identify as a card reader but there are substatements that imply which type of card reader you are. We can’t forget that not all card readers are skilled in lenormand, oracles, playing cards, tarot, etc. Their approach may only cover one type of card type.

    I agree that one shouldn’t place so much emphasis on a title. Let the work speak for itself but I’d like to think these titles have their place.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Hi there. Thanks for the comment. And don’t worry. I like questions. Here’s an answer: I refer to myself as a tarot reader, or simply cartomancer, that is, one who reads cards. I prefer it that before we get to any of the other areas of specificity, either related to coaching, prediction, or psychotherapy – areas I engage with myself, all depending on the context and the nature of what question is on my table – I give my sitters something simple to see, or think about.

      I’m interested in ‘getting there’ immediately, that is, to the core of the problem, by identifying the materiality of what stares us in the face. I’m interested in the ‘matter-of-fact’ first hand delivery that is not based on the type of questions that we find at the groceries store: ‘How can I help today, madam?’ In my practice I begin with listening to the question, and then looking at the cards. Quite literally these two acts have very little to do with names, labels, and making sure that we hit the target group: ‘Fresh vegetables for the organic oriented folks’. What I’m interested in is making the sitters look at the cards, let them see the literalness of each embodied situation, and then send them home with this suggestion that makes them wake up at 3 in the morning saying to themselves: ‘But there was more, there was something else there.’

      What I find annoying is the kind of card readers who jump over the fundamental principles in what is at stake in reading the cards, which basically begins simply with looking at the cards. There is a lot of fear of inadequacy among the card readers in the cartomantic community, but I fear myself that hopping on trending wagons without understanding the fundamentals is not conducive to any robust work.

      You may not have seen my other post, The Coach. Have a look. It will give you an even better idea as to where I’m coming from in my plain squaring off against trends that are devoid of any substance. Labels have their place and fulfil specific functions, but one needs to distinguish carefully between them, and not take them lightly. Cheers. https://taroflexions.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/the-coach/

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