camelia elias, tarot, marseille, carolus zoya

Sundays are good days for resting, as they suggest that some work has been completed during the week. That, and then the occasional number philosophy that fits the idea of completion.

The Facebook page dedicated to Taroflexions reached 400 ‘Likes’ today. As tradition has it, every time we round the hundred I offer a sharp one-liner to the first person who would like to have a question answered and posts it in the comment box.

As soon as I made my offer, the lovely lady Carolina, a subscriber to Taroflexions, posed this question:

How will my next three months pan out professionally?

A classic. My answer was as short and sharp as promised, based on these cards:

7 of Cups, 4 of Cups, Two of Swords

camelia elias, tarot, marseille

‘Heartache about the job. You’re too nice, and it’s a bummer. Conflict coming up. Get ready to face it. Don’t be nice. Get yourself out there, and do some active stabbing if you must. Two swords is rather lame, and uncomfortable. Arm yourself with some more.’

‘That is a rather tough message you’re giving there,’ my partner said, as soon as he saw my post on Facebook. ‘It’s tough with all those pips’, he continued, and then I could sense a desire for a nice trump – or even one that’s not so nice – for some comfort, or a better sense of grounding. It’s easy to hide behind an angel’s wings, or in the folds of the Empress’ dress.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘What do you expect? When the pips hit the table, you don’t want me around. I don’t know how else to put it, without ruining the whole point, aesthetics, and poetics of the cards other than to go straight for it.’

Luckily Carolina concurred with the cards. Since all this was in the public space, I allow myself to quote her here as well, as she demonstrates the value of doing this kind of work, the value of working with the full deck, if one dares to go for the crisp and the clear.

‘This very much resonates with my present situation – the cards don’t ever sugar coat things, do they? Even in a short message. Lovely deck, feels magical! Thank you, Camelia.’

The cards are always right, I always say, and today, this good Sunday, they proved just what a perfect and complete system of divination it is.

Keep going, and let the numbers increase. Thank you all for reading and engaging with my work here and elsewhere in cyberspace.


Note on the cards: Facsimile of the Carolus Zoya Marseille Tarot, after the original in the collection of K. Frank Jensen, ca. 1790.


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2 thoughts on “SHARP TEXT

  1. Saudade - Duende says:

    As they say a dull knife is more dangerous. The cards here presented a clean cut answer. No pain no gain. It would of been devastating to sugar coat it only to let reality hurt you more than necessary.

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