My annual 5-week vacation on top of a mountain in Norway has started with some major work of purging, permuting with ideas, and predicting my own future. I predicted some expansion beyond all straightjackets, and coming to terms with the fact that I am always at least two people at the same time. This much was clear by the time I finished revamping entirely my website, the main hub that collects all the other sites I orchestrate or write for, or simply stick my nose into.

I have been wordpressing like a maniac, in all the senses of this new word, from giving my website  a whole face lift, to giving life to my words. Have a look:


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.32.35 PM


Due this this revamping I thought that I also wanted a new form of expressing what I do with words. I’m coming a bit late to the email Newsletter form, but guess what, you will want to read it, and I don’t say that in that presumptuous and arrogant way of assuming that what I have to say matters. And yet. Subscribe to find out. Use the menu of the main site, or the subscribe bars at the bottom of the main 6 posts.

'Fixing Blind Spots with Cards' Newsletter
‘Fixing Blind Spots with Cards’ Newsletter


The idea of the newsletter is to present a reflection on a very tight and specific topic for which I read a sequence of cards. I will interpret proverbs and popular, folklore sayings with the cards. That’s my new idea and the topic of my third book in the series of practices of divination and magic. Call this new attempt Cartomantic Aphorisms in Epistolary Form.

This contribution to the folk practices of reading and producing spiritual texts is my new mojo, and I look forward already to sharing a word of wisdom and philosophy of action with everyone inclined to hear more. The newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis. Just cool stuff.


If you sign up for my brand new newsletter, which will also contain calls for action and other tidbits that will not appear elsewhere, then I invite you to go straight to my website, and use the sign up form. Scrolling down on the page to see that else I’ve been up to will also result in a pop up window inviting you to sign up. You will not be able to refuse. For this effort I will reward you with a nice PDF containing the following:

camelia elias, romanian spellcraft


But I jumped over mentioning what this writing frenzy is all about, with book number two in between my latest on the Marseille cards and the newly planned cartomantic aphorisms in epistolary form.

Book number two, also related to practices of divination and magic will be out in just a few days. Launch on august 1. Stay tuned, or check with your local Amazon or bookstore.

camelia elias, magic, tarot, oracle travels light

The Oracle Travels Light: Principles of Magic with Cards  goes from storytelling to necromancy, folk magic, practical magic, black magic, and a few words of power. A book that goes back to the basics, when words had a prophetic and poetic quality.


As of today, I have become a columnist at Patheos/Agora. I got my own column in cartomancy on the largest website hosting a conversation on faith. Every second and fourth Wednesday of every month will be dedicated to The Cartomancer. It’s very exciting for me to reach out to thousands of people at once. I hope you will enjoy this post, which is intended to allow folks to get to know me better.

camelia elias, agora, patheos, cartomancy column


I have also stated contributing to the very cool magazine dedicated to magic for smart people, edited by the stellar Carolyn Elliott: Bad Witches. Check my first essay here.

camelia elias, bad witches, carolyn elliott


As I’m constantly redesigning my self, my magic, and my mojo, I wish for you do the same. Think it, breathe it, and have faith. It’s that simple. If you can’t figure it out: WORK · WITH · ME.

Fixing Blind Spots with Cards - Newsletter
Fixing Blind Spots with Cards – Newsletter

Enjoy your summer, the mountain air, if you’re at the top, or the cool waters, if you’re in the valleys or by the ocean.

Photo: Camelia Elias (doing what there is to be done in the land of Avalon)
Photo: Camelia Elias (doing what there is to be done in the land of Avalon)

5 thoughts on “SUMMER JOYS

  1. Saudade - Duende says:

    So happy to see more from you 🙂
    Have the newsletters already gone out? I’m excited to read 7 Steps of Power: Romanian Spellcraft.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Great. And no, the first newsletter is not out yet. I thought I’d give folks a chance to sign up first. I will send it shortly, though, and it will include the 7 Steps of Power. Stay tuned.

  2. Rose M says:

    The joyous body unfolding so beautifully here, Camelia, with passion, pith and grace. I look forward to your newsletter, to reading about your adventures, outer, inner and secret though the latter may have to be read between the lines. All good things to you…

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