IMG_6059Today I’m feeling generous, but also quite humble. As I keep getting positive feedback on my essay in the collection put together by Todd Landman under the title The Magiculum (available on all amazon channels), I’ve decided to make my contribution available online, as a pdf for free.

Some of the comments I’ve received pertain to what others have identified as a need among the practitioners of the magical arts to move effortlessly between the various magical realms. It has been a humbling experience for me to have my essay so highly appreciated precisely for that,  as I didn’t think that I was doing anything special when I addressed Landman’s 5 questions about my ways of criss-crossing the hedge.

So here is a link to my essay: The Arts of the Night: Circumventing the Sign that talks about magic, cartomancy, necromancy, shamanism, ethics, and power.

Enjoy! And read more of the book, if you think this appeals to you.


camelia elias, magiculum, magic, cartomancy, shamanism




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6 thoughts on “ACROSS THE HEDGE

  1. Rose says:

    Again you’ve managed to move my poetic self with your seamless rivering of the sensual and the blunt. For me feeling those two bodies collide–in any written work–is to experience the thrill of language as the gesture of mind. The mind itself becomes body, becomes curves and sinew, heat and muscled momentum. And I felt this very much in your article, the welcome presence of the body, the sensual living body, flesh and intention as an integral part of magic, of transformation, of this-into-that.

    Your piece was very satisfying, Camelia. Its intimacy made room for the parts of my being involved in the in-between places–the ongoing dance of the temporal with its finite edges meeting the question, that sigh on the horizon where blue becomes blue. And I was pleased to spend a brief few moments in the company of one of my own inspirations, Vajravarahi ~ The Diamond Sow. Is this not a title worthy of poetic veneration simply for the images alone that unfold when the eye falls upon that juxtaposition of words ~ ~ diamond and sow >> black carbon compressed into faceted light manifesting in the form of a Goddess, rooting out all the treasures hidden as the everyday muck and mystery of the moment and then exalting them through the dance of release. She is the true alchemist, the inimitable blend of Fire and Ether.

    There is more I’d like to share but your blog comments’ section hardly seems the place. Suffice it to say I was taken not only across the hedge with your article but into the intricate system of its branches and greening body. The spell at the end is a thing of beauty, visually with its stark-lush scarlet bleedings and purifying ebons and also lyrically with its luminous aspiration of ‘let there be light and love and a strong body…’

  2. mopfeil says:

    Dear Camelia, as I have commented on the whole Ouevre of the Magiculum, this makes my day. As the magiculum is in paper and I do not always (probably a mistake) carry it as part of an EDC Outfit, this pdf prompted me to read it here and now. It is interesting to see the parallels again between technology that we do not understand and magic. You say one can only work within the frame of the rules on knows. This is true in both cases. Give a whizkid a smartphone and he will do magical things, things I do not get because i do not know the rules. He trusts, rightly in his contact with the web of knowledge, he knows what to do and where not to read. You and I go there and we get lost and frustrated because it does not work. For us. Whenever any kind of magic does not work for you, do your reality check. Is it magic that does not work, am I expecting miracles with no work, or do I simply not understand the rules?
    Thank you!

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