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1513645_10153262698414866_2238998679598524047_nI woke up this morning, I had an aromatic cup of coffee in the middle of the wilderness, and I was well intent on saluting the cosmic wedding. In astrological parlance, when the Sun and the Moon are in their signs of exaltation, the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Taurus, we talk about a sacred union. This is a good time to consolidate a house of rock, if you haven’t done that already.

As it happened, I did have a house on my mind today, but an abandoned one, alas. Not long ago I wrote a post about this house, by way of telling a story according to horary astrology. On my walks through the Swedish woods, and stumbling over it, I found myself wondering what had happened to it, as the house exhibited signs of having been left in a hurry. The chart at that point indicated that an elopement occurred and, as a consequence, the patriarch of the house had declared death to the house.



As I was roaming the exact same spot today as then, and as I was lying on the abandoned bench outside of the house, a question kept nagging me: ‘Who cursed you, house?’ In a way I already got my answer the first time around when I had asked about the fate of the house, but, as they say, one always hopes that whatever had caused the death of a most sublime spot on the earth, it not was dictated by foul play, domestic war, and hatred.


Being armed with my wondrous astro gadgets on my iPhone, I instantly checked. I cast a similar horary chart as the first time around and got an answer that pretty much validated my initial narrative about the house.

On the question: ‘Who cursed you, house?’ the following straightforward answer beckoned itself:

image (5)

The masculine force of the house, The Sun in the 8th house, the house of death, in trine with a supporting patriarchal force, Saturn, in the house of the hearth, the 4th house, declared death to the house. The Sun is moreover in the sign of the fall of Saturn, and disposed by Mars in the same house. Hence, this Sun is not well intended at all. Same news as the last, only here, some nuance was captured. It looks like the Sun, in exaltation in Aries, and supported by Mars in his own domicile, cursed the house from the position of the unknown enemy. The cusp of the 12th house, dealing with hidden enemies, curses, and the like, is in Leo, ruled by the Sun itself. This suggests that a man made a decision not only to curse the house, but also die in the process. Oh, well, that makes so much more sense.

IMG_5230Perhaps this also explains why the wild snowdrops are now invading the interior of the house, signalling a very unfortunate situation. According to popular superstition, if you bring snowdrops into the house, you’re pretty much dead meat yourself. Seeing so many sprouting today made me realize how I actually take some superstitions very seriously, as most of them are based on a heightened sensibility, further crafted into magical awareness by the common sense of cunning folk.

IMG_5242I went to check the loo. A woman’s touch was mirrored in the image of red berries pinned to the door, and was still felt inside this place of evacuations. On the left hand wooden wall a white falcon was spreading its wings. The masculine power was also present here. A strange sense of the cosmic wedding was retained in this place, whereas the rest of the house had left its soul fly out. An open window let the wind flap the old lace curtains. It has probably stayed this way since the man of the house has done itself in. The Sun in the 8th house, attended by Mars and the unfortunate South Lunar node must have died here heroically, perhaps with a curse on his lips.

IMG_5243 IMG_5241

IMG_5229At the time I was at the house today the Moon approached Venus in the 9th house, applying to a conjunction with Venus, and having separated from a conjunction with the Sun. This suggests that what has brought about the demise of the house is a woman’s leaving it behind. In my first story about this, I proposed that it was illicit love.

Perhaps the patriarch did say: ‘Death to all.’ But the woman was not there to hear him. She was gone. And the astrologer? Well, this is the fun part. As both the Moon and Venus trine the Ascendant representing the one asking the question, I seem to be getting the following message: ‘You can ask this question about this house all you want. You will get the same story about love that has left the dinner table, as you did the last time, but it may also well be that you want to consider stopping poking your nose into other people’s business.’

IMG_5226Mercury rules the Ascendant. Here we find Mercury in the 7th house, the house of relationships, and the house that represents the astrologer when the astrologer is not ruled by the Ascendant. And how do we find curious Mercury? Alas, in detriment, in exile. Perhaps my question about these people is not welcome anymore.

Or else, we can take Mercury as the significator for the house, as it rules the 10th (the 4th from the 7th, indicating other people’s house). Since I have been obsessing with this house ever since I saw it, I guess it’s only fair to think of Mercury embodying both me and this house at the same time. I’m not sure that the horary masters would agree with this bending of the rule of signification, but as with the cards, I like tradition in its irreverential mode.

In extension to this, it would also be interesting to reflect on my question, as it follows the answer of double perspective: ‘House, who cursed you’, can be answered with both: ‘you did,’ and ‘the other did’. If I am Mercury in 7th, and the house is also Mercury in 7th, then we got ourselves a nice entanglement. Maybe the reason why I’m interested in the house is because I was in it at some point, for what is time? Ask Einstein, and we’ll quickly agree that what I’m suggesting here is not as crazy as it sounds. If we look at the chart, we may even get some indication of how strange time is: as Mercury separates from a square with Saturn (found in ‘my house’, the radical chart’s 4th), and as the Sun applies to a trine aspect with Saturn, Saturn collects light. Eh, I’d say, that’s a rather beautiful relation, of sorts.

But perhaps we could stick to the potential moral of this story: Leave the dead be. Enjoy the forest and all that’s in it. If you happen to pass by a house that’s not of your concern, salute it from the distance, and move on.

IMG_5240And yet. As I was staring at the woodcut cross at the top of the barn, thinking of my own exile, I could feel Venus, the Moon, Mars, Uranus, and the Sun in alignment.

They were in fact along the ecliptic, one on top of the other, with Venus presiding. I made the sign of my own cross at the crossroad from this abandoned house, and made sure to send up a wish for a house in the woods that’s as strong as a diamond.



IMG_5232 IMG_5239IMG_5246 IMG_5244



I’ve used the whole sign house system for this chart, to mark the clear demarcation of the ingress of the Sun into the cardinal sign of Aries. The chart is generated by


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4 thoughts on “COSMIC WEDDING

  1. Walter Braun says:

    Very beautiful, very poetic. I love these whole-sign-charts without fantasy planets.

    My reading would be much more sober:
    Any question about the fate of the house must necessarily involve the owner/guardian. Saturn in 4, exactly squaring the ASC: it had become dilapidated (or too isolated), no longer fit for purpose
    The owner, Mercury, is in a bad state (Pisces = fall) and in the 7th house (of dying, according to Vedic astrology).
    Since the ruler of 7, Jupiter, is in the 12th house (old folks home) in Leo, it was perhaps a rather nice retirement home…

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Thank you, Walter. I get what you’re saying, if we assume that the agent represented by the owner of the house is the same as the ruler of the Ascendant. For me, all things pertaining to the hearth are matters related to the cusp of house 4, here ruled by Jupiter [thanks to Walter below for pointing an error – I must have been too quick with my guns when I have mistakenly assigned Mars as the ruler of house 4, when it is Jupiter; I mention this here, as otherwise Walter’s comment below will make no sense to future readers]. If we talk about the turned chart from the 7th, indeed, we get Mercury in Gemini ruling the house. However, since I implicate myself in the story, given the precedent story, I associate with Mercury in 7. In this connection, it’s no wonder that Saturn will make sure to square off against my poking into this business, the 4th house also being associated with digging, archeology, family history and the lineage of the father.

      On a more mundane level, one could pass the judgement that the Sun in 8 is simply someone who dies, and since there are no heirs, the house dies with this person. We find old Jupiter in 12, but he makes no aspects, which according to the Arab astrologers, this is the most unfortunate relation at all, that is to say, to make no aspects. Jupiter also scores only 9 points on the almutens scala, so there’s very little dignity there that we can consider. In the 12th house, and in such debilitated and peregrine way, Jupiter does little that honors his potential. This further escalates the unfortunate atmosphere, as Jupiter is still the planet of expansion.

      In contrast, we find Venus presiding on the power, scoring all the dignities we can talk about, some 26 points (classical calculation). Hence, we cannot rule out her involvement. I’ll thus stick to my guns. The woman left, to the man’s great grief. Perhaps she created a wall between herself and her husband, a wall that could not be broken down. As the Sun is also in opposition to the Part of Fortune, we can furthermore infer that this business tastes of self-sabotage. If you cannot get back to your woman, you will make sure to get back to the thing that meant the most to her, the house, and in the process, sacrifice your own life. A classic.

      The place where this house is is completely remote, and exquisitely beautiful. It has just the right decay prompted by this house, which in my estimate, must have been left some 40-50 years now. There is no sign of anyone entering it. There are 2 chairs facing each other on the middle of a rug with nothing else in sight. This is a most extraordinary thing. It is as if the final battle must have been a verbal one (Mercury/Venus/Moon contra Mars/Sun/Saturn), on a rug in the very center of the living room, with now two empty chairs facing each other at point blank and echoing these souls. A very special, staged image, which, however, in its time, was not staged at all. Most moving. I keep returning to this place, and secretly entertain the idea of buying the whole shebang.

      1. Walter Braun says:

        Dear me, this is complicated. (There must have been a reason why astrology virtually came to an end with Lilly: perhaps it was not a hostile Church – perhaps it was to damn difficult?)
        Since I don’t use the MC, only whole sign houses, I would say that it is Jupiter that rules the 4th. Ruler 4 in 12 = living in (retiring to?) foreign lands, especially here where Jupiter is retrograde. Leo: a sunnier climate (or a room where the sun shines in, not out there in the dark woods = Saturn in 4)…

        Buying that house? Seriously?
        If you see yourself in the chart: Ruler of the first house in 7 (in a debilitated state!)(and the planet of discernment!) is a classical sign that one does not make a good judgement ;=))

      2. Camelia Elias says:

        LOL. Walter. Good you’ve commented on this one, as you just made me realize that I got carried away in my comment above, and assigned Mars rulership over 4, when, as you rightly point out it is Jupiter. Bad. I’ll edit that now. Thanks. Yes, as the ruler of 4, Jupiter in 12 is not doing too well, being relegated to the garage, as it were.

        About buying this house. It’s a wish for the land. But to my knowledge this house and the land it’s on has not been for sale for ages. Even if I wanted to buy it, no one will be interested in negotiating a price – as if I even had any money to begin with, another wish…

        So, the whole sign system, yes. I’ve been having this conversation with my astrology master – a William Lilly incarnation – but he resists it. Yet, I flirt with its simplicity. I like the idea of the ‘cusp’ being in the middle of a sign, if it be, rather than pinned to a point. But that would be another discussion. Thanks for your careful reading here.

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