I come home from vacation and find most exquisite gifts in my mailbox. Some others I have to pick up tomorrow at the post office. Exciting.


But tonight, of many celebrant nights lately, I celebrate the marvellous full moon in Cancer, glowing brilliantly through the sharp and cold wind. I get the good vibrations.

My friend, scientist, Druid priest, and a punster and wise man on Taroflexions, Markus Pfeil, surprised me with a most exquisite trio: an original Markus Pfeil Lenormand, done in hand just for me and placed in a special red box, a ring whose meaning I must go search for under a special ritual, and a booklet, on whose cover I find eight dancing foxes. Inside its covers, exquisite hand writing in ink telling me of magic and secrets. How perfect. Or rather, how perfect my life is. As perfect as this world that hosts such special people.

I quickly did a reading with my new Lenormand. As I believe that we are all here to serve, I asked the cards: What should I dedicate myself to in the New Year?


The Letter at the center of this 9-carré brings to my attention the idea of writing. Or receiving writing. Writing about a new house. How wonderful that would be! A new house where I can do some independent work (Fox) and earn a bucket of money (Fish.) The Whip suggests that earning money may come at a stingy cost – as they say, there’s no free lunch – but it looks like the Flowers, mirroring the Fish, in the third column urge me to relax. I may get a slap in the face too (Flowers to Whip), but as with all things in the world, and for all we try our best, we cannot always find ourselves appreciated. Unless this combo tells me to get my act tight. Fair enough.

But if the letter in the middle refers to my dedication to sending it rather than receiving it, I’ll take this as a sign that criticism is what I must do. As an academic I get paid to do it, so I’ll just have to find a way to engage with critical studies in a way that also yields personal pleasure.

What I must leave behind me are visitors intent on quarreling (Whip, Rider). I think I’ll be able to handle this one, given that I don’t have much time for socializing and hosting crowds. Besides, I’ve never been interested in meddling in others’ affairs, nor speculate on others’ agendas. I prefer to look at people’s acts before I pass judgment. As for making too many assumptions, well, I exercise the art against such foolishness consciously on a daily basis. So, if disgruntled visitors should come, I’ll send them over to the aquarium to calm down.

IMG_4049Overall it’s clear that ideally I want to dedicate myself to things I love and I’m good at. The whole string at the top, Fox, Heart, Flowers says that much. I’ll take the Snake looking on as a warning against all that may distract me or upset me in my tracks. And I’ll welcome that Man with the Flowers who stands on the cash flow.

A truly, lovely gift here: Perfect entertainment with the thoughtful cards, a magic ring, and a magic book, which I have already used for some very special sigil making. Yes, it looks like 2015 wants to be a magical one for me again. And so it is welcome.

Thousands of kisses your way, Markus. Thank you. May you enjoy this beautiful moonshine tonight, with its special beaming of the bon vivante.



Note on the deck: Markus Pfeil original Lenormand, 2015 (not commercial).


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2 thoughts on “GIFTS

  1. Markus Pfeil says:

    Dear Camelia,

    as always your reading is astute. Indeed, the man with the flowers might not only stand on the cashflow, but also go fishing in Norway with you. Also, I think in the very strong relation to writing, you should not give too much heed on the social media side of visitors (whipping riders, that is), but to what is successful and within the realm of the salmon of wisdom. Happy is he who can give to those cherishing what is given. I wish you a magical, marvelous and majestic 2015.

    Blessed be your path,

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Dear Markus, as always too, words of wisdom flow from your lips, and your acts are delightful. I shall indeed dedicate myself to appreciating those who understand flow, and those things that enable it, rather than focus on trolls and other such entitled beings. I’ve been fairly spared, thank God, but on occasion, I do have to make the harsh realization that, for all intent and purpose, some of my writing acts elicit ‘demands’ from some others outside of any agreement. Eh, I suppose it’s a price we pay for passing on the inspired parcel. There will always be some at the receiving end thinking that you do what you do out of obligation towards them. Making assumptions, indeed, is such a waste of everybody’s time, as they all may turn out to be erroneous. Yes, I shall go to Norway again, for the annual ritual cleansing of the body, mind, and spirit, so I look forward to yet another heavenly opportunity to get close to what’s essential. Maybe this year you’ll join me. Love to you and yours.

      P.S. As soon as I put a full stop to this comment, I got more gifts in the mail. From readers and students of cartomancy. So, there you have it. Your words exactly. Thanks.

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