New Moon, Dark Moon, The Dark Goddess.  While doing the dishes after dinner, like a diligent housewife, I thought about my last name, Elias. I thought that I never really thanked the name for following me, representing me, and generally being there for me at all times.

After the chores, I thus decided to burn some smoke, and thank the name for its function. But what function, beyond the indexical one, pointing to this random Elias person living in this block of flats, or the papers and degrees that this Elias person has acquired throughout her life?

Three cards fell on the table, and as I often do with oracles (which I don’t when I read with the Marseille tarot, the Lenormand cards, or the playing cards), I assigned all three cards a specific question related to my name. The idea was to enter a dialogue with my name, and ask it via the cards three direct questions.


1. How have I served you, name?

2. How do you want me to serve you, name?

3. How will you serve me, if I serve you as you want, name?

To the first question I got Epona, the Celtic and Roman Goddess of Horses. Ellen Lorenzi-Price’s excellent tag line for this reads: ‘Succeed on the strength of your alliances.’ So I served my name through riding with the right crowd. Cool, I thought to myself. If I must have a name, then it’s better if I can honor it through some concrete action that involves cooperation, and generally living among people who also use their names as a form of currency, or perhaps quite literally, as a horse that carries you places.

To the second question the cards gave me both, an enigmatic, but in this case, also a very literal answer. The Irish Spirit of Prophecy, the Banshee, says, in Ellen’s words: ‘If you would know, do not fear to see.’ Ah, well, there you have it, I said to myself. You don’t carry the name of Elias for nothing. A derivate of the name Elijah, THE prophet among prophets, Elias is a name that can speak loads. This one filled me with a sense of excitement, especially since I have a history of people having asked me, ‘so, do you ever feel like a prophet?’ and me always answering, ‘no, do you?’ But tonight, on this fine dark moon night, the name seems to insist: ‘speak what you know, if you see it coming.’ Ominous, but in a good way, judging by what the name is prepared to reward me with, if I did just that.

Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of the Eye of the Sun, says: ‘Power burns. Power heals.’ All is illuminated. The Sun rises and… just as I was writing these words, a friend of mine poked me in the chat box on Facebook. He also sent me a link to the Tuvan throat singer Albert Kuvezin.

My friend is a diplomat who likes Mongolians and serves my home country here and there, by mostly hanging out with the Russians or doing chores at the embassy in Tel Aviv. Among sharing thoughts of admiration for the superb singing that the Mongolians are capable of, he said to me, ‘you know, we’re approaching your prophesy for me 8 months ago.’ Nice coincidence. He is looking for a woman he doesn’t know named Valentina. I sent him to London when we had this conversation about her. I said, 8 months. Now I’m thinking, what if he does go to London? The time is approaching, as he said. It should be interesting to follow and see what happens. Will he do it? Will he find her there?

There are always several ways of looking at this. One of the main functions of prophecy is to instigate to action. Suppose he finds Valentina – I think my name would approve, since it entices me to do just that, namely, prophesy all I can – but it remains to be seen whether finding her will be good or bad. But by that time, perhaps we can consult the cards again, and take it from there. Meanwhile, being more aware of what my name wants, perhaps I’ll be more ready to embody the prophets before me. Perhaps next time someone will ask me, ‘so, do you ever feel like a prophet?’ I’ll be ready to say, ‘all the time.’

Enjoy your dark moons and the dark goddesses inside you.

Here’s is also Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha with the Black Magic Woman. Thank you Daniel, for sending this my way at quite the appropriate moment.


Note on the deck:

The Dark Goddess, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, 2013, ArnellArt.

2 thoughts on “PROPHETS

  1. says:

    Such a MARVELOUS poetic piece, Camelia! The Moon is moving away from the Sun in the sky – where it was burned up. When it does this hidden matters come to “light”. – Maralyn

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Thanks, Maralyn. I like to think of the hidden. I think we all do. It’s just that thinking of the hidden tends to take more time, and most give it up. But if you persist…

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