I often hear people speak with fervent ardor about cards and how the suits correspond to the elements. Always exciting. But it is not so often that people can account for why it is so, or where the corresponding system comes from. ‘It’s tradition,’ many say. ‘The Egyptians said so’, other say, or ‘nope, that’s the Mesopotamians we’re dealing with here,’ yet more insist. Be that as it may. All systems have value and are valid if one is consistent with them.

But here’s what I think. And I refer the reader to my cunning folk method, the one that has logic as its premise, and the one that keeps close to nature. Nature, after all, teaches us all we need to know, including, which gods to go with. And I always say, use your common sense, folks.

Here’s an analogy:

It’s sunrise in the east. You get up in the morning to look at it. You think, what a beautiful morning. I’m alive and full of energy. Bingo: The Diamonds are ringing. The suit of fire and the intellect, ideas and thinking, it all sounds like fresh spring.

By midday you need to cool off down south. It feels like summer. You’ve taken a shower or went for a swim. Ah, all that water. Quite healing. You’re able to take a lot, and go deep. You feel large. The suit of Hearts is here.

In the afternoon, you need to get the water to dry off your body. It’s time to actually do something practical before the sun sets in the west. Build something before winter comes. Take your sticks and wave them around. Try to get the vibration of the wind through them. You feel like a warrior from lost times. The suit of Clubs is here to help you achieve what you need this autumn.

It’s evening. You’re tired but content. You’re ready for bed. It faces north. You feel aligned with the magnetism of the pole. What’s good for the polar foxes in December is good for you. The bed is calling you to some well-deserved incubation. You dig this idea, this feeling, and this urge to lie down. So you just do it, and lose yourself in the land of dreams and darkness. The suit of Spades takes over your consciousness, and allows you to die for a while. Until the next morning. Until spring.

To have the gods seated in you means to stay in vibration.

Good luck with living the life with cards.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.07.56 AM


Note on the deck:

Otto Tragy Jugendstil Spielkarte, Ver. Stralsunder Altenburg, 1910.


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2 thoughts on “SUITABILITY

  1. jsfaubert says:

    Great post! One image that I use with the Tarot: you plant a seed in spring (Coin), you water it in the summer (Cup). It grows! But then, trees lose their leaves in fall (Baton), and then plants die under the cold sway of winter (Sword)… Yours, JS.

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