You want a more wicked, cut to the chase, and keep it simple approach to the cards?

How about the famed one-liners in an even tighter form?

What drives me here is my love of aphorisms, old wisdoms delivered with Devilish aplomb.

Here’s an example of such card cuts, read without a question, for variation sake.

You can also think of this as an exercise in putting card and card together. Can you capture the spirit of three cards or two cards in one concise idea? Try it.

Photo 24-03-17 12.26.02

Birds, Heart, Scythe

Talk, but don’t put your heart in it.


Devil, Empress, Lovers

Inactive imps turn into active women. It looks like the strong leader will listen today, though the question remains: is it a good idea to give up your throne? I guess it depends on how obsessed you are about getting things done.

Photo 24-03-17 12.27.09

6 of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, Jack of Hearts

Go on an excursion and take your pet with you.

Photo 24-03-17 12.28.26

9 of Clubs, 4 of Diamonds, 9 of Spades

Getting a license to kill.

Photo 24-03-17 12.29.47

Crossroad + Moon + Garden

The curse of popularity: To not know your path and think that all that glitters in the garden is gold.

Photo 24-03-17 12.32.26


Ace of Heart, Three of Spades

‘Shall we?’

‘You shall not’, the third party intimates.

Photo 24-03-17 12.35.26

Sun + Mice

Too much success? Expect supra solicitation.

Photo 24-03-17 12.37.38

Two of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Ace of Diamonds

The witch will pump your well.

Photo 24-03-17 13.50.41

King of Clubs, 4 Hearts, 8 Diamonds

To have the gods seated in you means to stay in vibration.

Photo 24-03-17 12.39.15

Mice + Moon

Have some cannabis.

Photo 24-03-17 12.41.40

Ten Swords, Emperor, Judgment

The necromancer will take care of it.

Photo 24-03-17 13.54.30.jpg

Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts

A baptism.

Photo 24-03-17 12.42.57

Queen of Spades, Jack of Spades

Her thoughts exactly, of revenge.

Photo 24-03-17 12.43.40

Queen of Spades, Jack of Hearts

Maybe baby.

Photo 24-03-17 12.46.47

Wheel of Fortune, Two Coins

Nothing lost nothing gained.

Photo 24-03-17 12.47.45

Devil, Hanged Man

The ostrich dance, head in the sand, see nothing hear nothing.

Photo 24-03-17 12.50.10

The cards that end it in Lenormand

The Scythe, or The Mice, sure, but how about The Crossroads?

Photo 24-03-17 12.53.23

Magician, Hermit, Emperor

A powerful witch with personal gnosis.


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