In my practice of reading cards I’m often confronted with the following question: ‘what am I seeking?’ This is one of the hardest questions anyone can ask.

If one is interested in controlling the levels of the expansion of consciousness that such a question may lead to, then one has to learn things the hard way. Plunge into the unknown, but not foolishly through drinking wine or ‘getting high’ on herbs and substance – whatever the latter means – but enthusiastically through being prudent and circumspect.

One of my favorite lines is from an Indian proverb: “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.” The best in any seeking is the waiting part; the joining of hands and the waiting through song and dance; Then the masked ones come. Can we embrace them without prejudice and speculation? ‘Why are you wearing a horned mask?’, we could just ask. The shape of the masks can tell us what to do. And if we can listen too, we may discover that some bird speaks our language.

Romance of Alexander, Flemish, 1338-1344, Bodleian Ms. 264, fol. 181v

Take the block of Himalayan salt and place it under your candle. Make sure you have a burnt table. Mine has acquired a round shape from a burner in which I was smoking Brazilian ceder that was laid in malted barley at Amager Bryghus. This round shape now attracts whatever else interesting I happen to have nearby on the table.

Tonight, and next to my magical cards, some frankincense pebbles that I have brought with me from Ethiopia many years ago have landed into the circle. The first smoke went up linearly and then I lost its trail. Something about infinity, small rain, and the smell of stones hit me. Sometimes it’s not very hard to see what we are seeking. It’s often right on our tables. A dance of hearts and spades, a medieval tournament, and a mysterious soul that we conjure.

About the salt, yes, I almost forgot. You can try licking it. You’ll get an instant answer to whatever question you have. Walk the path and don’t forget to fill your pockets with some stones.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.26.05 AM


Note on the deck: Otto Tragy Jugendstil Spielkarte, Ver. Stralsunder Altenburg, 1910

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