One of the good things about being into cards is that when you want to redecorate, all you need to do is go through your drawers and pick something up. You can even divine for it if you’re in doubt as to what new theme the house should now have. Some are into that.

So today I went for erotica on my walls. This is a genre that I thoroughly enjoy, when it’s well done – I don’t do vulgar. I have an interesting deck and a portfolio of 8 large-size cards made in 1955 in Paris by Philibert. The deck that goes with it is called “Le Florentin.” It was designed by Paul Emile Bécat (1885-1960) who, after a life of painting landscapes, turned to erotica to all our pleasure.

Of course, behind the so-called Florentin designs for the deck, the deck features by suggestion the life and times of René Le Florentin, a courtier character, hanging around the house of the Medicis and teaching many life lessons.

Camelia Elias in good company.
Camelia Elias in good company.

To today’s message, in response to a question about a new project, the cards had this to say:

After the Poisoners are done (A♠), invite the Adventuresses (A♦) for a passionate mental ride (Q♦) that will give you just the idea as to what your body can do and what you can use it for.

I think I’m going to hang the intellectual La Belle Ferroniere on my South-wing wall.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 5.04.56 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.39.39 AMNote on the deck:

Le Florentin, Paul-Emile Bécat for Philibert, Paris 1955 (both the deck and the portfolio).

The names of the cards I indicate above are the ones given by Bécat.


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3 thoughts on “EROTICA

  1. cameliaelias says:


    Maralyn Burstein: We never know what will strike your fancy, Camelia!
    September 7 at 9:03pm · Unlike · 1

    Enrique Enriquez: e r o t i c e s = e s o t e r i c
    September 7 at 9:22pm · Unlike · 1

    Sylvie Blum: Nice deck of cards
    September 8 at 4:35am · Unlike · 1

    Bent Sorensen: Erotica: a or e, tic
    23 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Camelia Elias: Think of the function of poison. Lucretia Borgia in this deck tells you that it’s all about tickling, so, you got that right.
    a few seconds ago · Like

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