Someone wanted to know how to make others want what she has to give. Strange request, I thought, but then upon thinking some more I thought that desiring for others to want what you have to give is not so strange. Marketing empires have been built on making others want what you have to give… The cards, King of Diamonds, King of Spades, 7 Spades were blunt though.

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To the question, ‘how can I make others want what I have to give?’ the answer is ‘you can’t, unless you trick them.’ Materially speaking you can’t give the King of Diamonds anything, as he has everything already. So if you have something to sell him, you’d have to don your magic cloak.

But since the question came from a woman, let us stick to the classical tradition of fortunetelling and assume that the two Kings in the picture are not about her, but about how they affect her as they are in a relationship with each other.

I can see how the King of Diamonds may be receptive to the King of Spades, being in conversation. But the latter King, having his own suit at his back – the magical 7 Spades indicating all things hidden, trouble or tears – comes across to the King of Diamonds as a more mysterious King, but therefore also as a more untrustworthy King, than the Kings of merry-go-round of love and strife that we associate with the other two suits not present here, namely the Hearts and the Clubs.

Simply put, what the cards are saying is that the woman is up against two men, one of money and one of war. When the King of Spades is not a magician he is someone who is either alone, working for the government, an enemy of the querent, or all of the above. So we can safely presume even without having the woman say a word about it that what she has to give is something she would like men to want. A tall order, as, by implication, I can further presume that the reason why she asked that question is because she didn’t find that there was congruence between what she wanted to give and what the men wanted. In other words, they were not on the same page. Tough luck.

Meanwhile, however, it also looks like the two men are too busy being each other’s rival – the pesky 7 being in the picture – and there is an indication that what the woman is called to consider is who she wants to side with. The money-man is good to know, though he may be a conservative bore. The war-man may be interesting to know, as you never know where you have him. So it’s better to be close to him, also in case he turns against you. War-men are known for intricate and calculated strategies, so there you have it. You’ll never be bored with one such.

Love is not an option here, nor is negotiating. We’re thus back to the first assumption, especially if a neutral stance is desired. I said it again: ‘you can make others want what you have to give if you trick them, or if you pretend.’ A classic, really.

I have to say that this scenario made me feel sorry for our lot. Most of us, both men and women, have to sell things all the time to people who don’t want it, or pretend to want it. How many of us can claim to be in a job or a relationship that is entirely satisfying? How many times can we swear that the ones we have to deal with are also the ones we are on the same page with? Not many. We can get very pessimistic here. The pragmatists, however, know better: the meaning of life is all about selling: our looks, credentials, fantasies, you name it. It would be nice for a change if what we had to sell was actually also what others want in all truthfulness. Perhaps some are lucky, but that day I read these cards for the woman, her luck was tough.


Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 3.57.55 PMNote on the deck:

Jugendstil reprint of “1001 Night” Playing Cards, Russia 1972


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Published by Camelia Elias

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3 thoughts on “TRICK OR TREAT

  1. Give one money and the other a reason to fight. Or best yet set them one against the other and sit back. I think the king of spades if giving the king of diamonds the stink eye.

    1. That’s right. If the aim is to give money away and a reason to fight, then perfect. While it may be difficult to think of what to give a King of Diamonds, somehow I have the feeling that he would never say no to money. The same applies to the King of Spades. He would also never say no to trouble. But if you have something else to give and these two bozos are the only ones receptive to you, then you’re the one in trouble. So it comes down to context and symmetry. But the cards here spoke the truth. The woman in question likes to deal with the materialists of the worlds and also with the depressing types. So, perhaps it’s herself who needs to change targets, before, indeed the King of Spades will end up giving the other one the black eye.

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