‘Where are they? They are not on Facebook, they are not blogging, and last I’ve heard they have not moved to Alaska.’ Sometimes we get questions like these about people who others wish to get reacquainted with.

Here is a quick cross that allows us to get an idea, without prying too much into the others’ affairs. For, who’s to say, when people disappear it may be that they want to disappear, and if their wish is strong enough, no amount of cards will track them down.

The reading goes like this: first lay down 3 cards (1, 2, 3) that will tell us about what happened to the lost friend. If this reading is requested as detective work, then we can pose a more interesting question of the first 3 cards: what has the lost friend turned into, or what has she or he become? This is relevant for all those suspicious of the lost friend’s behavior, if vanishing is not in his or her character.

Then lay down 2 cards. One on top of number 2 and one below, so we have this diagram:

0 4 0

1 2 3

0 5 0

The card on top tells us about what the person does now. The card below tells us about what the person does not do now. The reading proceeds as usual, with making a synthesis out of each trio. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2, 5.

For the reading today, for a lost female friend, the cards were pretty unambiguous, and the question was answered in roughly 3 seconds.


The woman who used to be cheerful (3♥) went ill (5♠) due to work related stress (9♣). She is now a housewife (Q♥), yet not dependent on any man (K♦).

If the seeker needs to know something about location, we can look at the card in the middle for that, as this card is at the juncture between what the person does and does not. So, logically speaking, we can make the inference that insofar as this card indicates being stuck between doing and not doing, it can indicate a steady location. Thus, our person lives in the country, more likely in the forest. In our horizontal reading the 9 indicates change for the worse, with the 9♣ suggesting that a glandular problem has caused a general illness in the body (5♠).

A few cards, lots of info. More could be said, as always, but that would go over my 3 seconds. As they say, time is money, and it’s not always sure that all those who want info, are also ready to pay for it. Good luck.


Note on the deck: HC, London 1750, by unknown printer. Facsimile by Rose and Pentagram Design.

3 thoughts on “LOST FRIEND

  1. melancholyaeon says:

    Could this deck be based on the Blanchard 1750-60? Don’t have my Benham handy. . but looks plausible maybe?!?!?!

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