In light of the development of the way in which people have started commenting on my blog regarding my being critical of the way in which online cartomantic classes are being conducted, I’ve decided to delete my post about flaunting opinions in a learning space, with view only to seduce the masses.

I write about cards from a critical awareness perspective. I do not care about blah blah marketing, and the vulnerable story that sells. I do not get soft in my knees about emotions. As a Zen practitioner, I do not ‘belive’ in emotions.

For me, you can read cards with a cold head and in precise manner, if you don’t get ‘personally’ involved, or if you take everything personally at the emotional level.

I simply don’t have the time for that crap, and I have no tolerance for all those who sell that crap. Also, I don’t have any time for all those who want a circus here.

This being the case then, I give you here, however, something else to ponder on, than who screws who, namely, how to avoid wasting our times.

So I pose this very question to my Lenormand cards:

How can we avoid wasting our time?

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 7.16.40 PM

We can filter what we receive, put on the appropriate costume, and join the masked ball.


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3 thoughts on “LENORMAND TIME

  1. mamawhodun says:

    General: That which is already known, the superficial or light aspects of any subject are what we discuss in public or on the Internet.

    Specific: If I were the questioner as a card reader, the Book is the deck and the Letter any card reading. With the Garden the triple becomes the concept of “reading for clients at an event .”. So one can avoid wasting time BY reading for clients at select meeting places or events.

    Refined: 10 of diamonds suggests getting paid well for what you know, while both 27 and 20 are spades the “noble” suit, Result: Divination by invitation in a classy joint where the wealthy congregate . lol

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